Homes for Sale in Havana

Without a doubt, Havana is the primary location for those seeking to purchase a home in Cuba. Havana houses a significant percentage of the country’s population and therefore boasts a large portion of its residential capacity. The city itself, with its famous Habana Viejo or Old Havana community and attractive Malecon seafront area, is also the nation’s social, political and economic heart.

A recent survey in the US media indicated that out of 15,000 online property searches for Cuban real estate, 82% were connected to Havana. Another interesting figure coming out of the study was that the average property’s value is only 24,000 CUC (Cuban convertible pesos), which is equivalent to the same price in USD.

Since the homes for sale in Havana includes properties on the outer edges of the city where there is less urban development, prices can also be considerably lower. At present, foreign investors and would-be residents from abroad mainly look for real estate in central Havana, thanks to its many cultural charms, nightlife venues, sights and tourist attractions, but savvy buyers may also start looking to outlying areas as they upgrade over time.

One significant influence drawing investors to Havana is the Cuban government’s creation of a one-year, renewable resident visa for foreigners purchasing property. This has opened up the island to retirees and expats looking to live in a location that offers almost year-round perfect temperatures and equally warm local people.

Sharp investors are now realizing that they still have time to snatch up available properties in Cuba before a real boom ensues. Many foreign buyers have already taken possession of some older apartment complexes in Havana, for example, which they are renovating to rent out to tourists for healthy returns on investment.

With Havana as a hub for travellers, residents can easily use the city as a base to explore the many other attractions across the island. These include countless white-sand beaches, unspoiled bays, rolling hills and long stretches of coral reef in Cuba’s protected pristine ocean waters.

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