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Havana is the capital city of Cuba, and has recently become the target of smart investors looking for next big location for the purchase of prime real estate.

With over 2 million residents, a vibrant night-life scene and heritage architecture down every street it in Havana, it is no surprise the city is drawing international attention. However, it is only recently that international investors have turned their attention on the small island nation, and this is largely due to the continual weakening of rules governing foreign investment into Cuba.

It is currently rare for property along some of Cuba’s most famous locations, such as the Malecon strip in Havana, to be offered for sale. However, investors are seeking investment opportunities throughout Old Havana and even in the surrounding suburbs.

New apartment blocks are growing out of the ground in a multitude of areas surrounding Havana. These locations provide a great opportunity for retirees or investors looking to invest in their own slice of the Cuban lifestyle.

Although foreign investment has become easier in Havana, there are still difficulties that need to be overcome; therefore it is advised anyone interested should consult a professional to discuss the best option for them.

Currently there are two primary methods for foreign buyers to obtain Cuban property. The first of these is through a partnership with a Cuban resident, and the second option is to purchase through a Cuban registered foreign capital company. The first of these options only results in partial ownership of the property, whereas the second results in complete ownership.

With Havana’s wide array of stunning man-made and natural sights, accompanied by a friendly and relaxed population, it is little surprise the international audience is turning their eyes to this small island nation, and it is undeniably an attractive location to own a home.

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