Havana Cuba Real Estate

Property investors that wait for Cuba’s real estate market to evolve into a more sophisticated system might lose out on some of the best deals to be had in the fast growing island nation. A large number of US real estate firms are already advertising Cuban properties as second or vacation homes, and many of the best properties are quickly being snapped up by international buyers with local connections.

Real estate and travel pundits alike are excitedly predicting that world’s next travel and second home boom will be in Havana, and there is plenty in the city and its environs that appeals to those looking for a holiday home, especially in a haven so close to the U.S mainland.

Of course, living in Cuba is may not be quite as convenient as it is in more developed destination, with local transportation and roads still in need of improvements, slow Internet connections and a cumbersome administrative processes, but the recent thawing of relations with the United States has definitely moved Cuba several steps closer to what many people consider a modern society.

In the current positive international climate, those purchasing Cuban properties can get a renewable residence visa, valid for one year. They can also use properties for residential or commercial purposes, as long as the latter is tourist-related. Some people are looking to create havens for travellers eager to once again revel in Cuba’s countless cultural, historical and culinary attractions, as well as its splendid variety of natural assets, which includes white-sand beaches, rolling countryside and mangrove forests.

The easing of real estate regulations is seen by many as the beginning a of trend towards more open capital markets for foreigners, and wise investors and those looking to live on this beautiful Caribbean island will do well to take advantage of the recent changes, and buy in before prices climb.

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