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The introduction of the foreign investment act and the abolishment of the trade embargo between the USA and Cuba has opened the eyes of smart investors across the globe, who now see Cuba as the next big location to secure real estate in the Caribbean.

With its proximity to USA and growing economic power, it seems inevitable that investments made now will create profitable returns in the upcoming years. It will take time for the Cuba government to decide upon the regulations required for a more open real estate market, but there are already options open to investors looking to ‘get in the game early’.

One of the common strategies is to purchase real estate through a partnership with a Cuban citizen, resulting in a partial ownership of said property. If one is looking for total ownership, they are required to purchase the property through a Cuban registered foreign capital company. Once registered, the properties can be used for residential purposes or for commercial reasons if related to tourism in some way.

There are a variety of reasons as to why the Cuban property market is expected to experience a huge boom in the coming years. Firstly, its location allows quick and easy access to Florida and other nearby popular locations, also contributing is the wide array of natural and manmade attractions available in the Island coupled with the relaxed ad kind people who inhabit it. It seems inevitable that Cuba will shortly rise as a prime location for real estate investment in the Caribbean and smart investors are getting in early.

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