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Established for more than 10 Years, Palm Group is an international real estate company with a proven track record and expertise in a wide range of property sectors, including construction, property management, sales, rentals and investor financing.

We understand that buyers are becoming more discerning, especially when it comes to construction quality and the profitability of their assets. Savvy investors expect more for their money and realize that choosing the right company to work with is an essential part of any successful real estate purchase.

In order to meet our clients' expectations, Palm Group offers total solutions tailored to each  individual's specific requirements, whether it is a modest acquisition or a full scale custom build. Through constant training and professional development, we work to achieve and surpass ours and our customers goals in terms of business performance and service excellence.Our commitment and attention to detail has allowed us to achieve success in a number of locations around the world, some of which many real estate firms would consider high-risk, frontier markets.

Palm Group now offers real estate services in regions as economically and geographically diverse as Australia, Southeast Asia and Central America. Our team's knowledge and expertise is therefore an invaluable asset for anyone considering property purchases in any or all of these markets.

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